Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st post from Firenze!...


I feel like I have so much to update on! 
So I am officially a resident of Firenze, Italy! I flew out of Detroit last Thursday and flew overnight to Paris then had a layover there until the afternoon then got on the plane to Florence around 4pm (Paris Time=]) then landed in Florence a little before 6pm (so 1pm Ohio time) on Friday. Paris airport was like a huge never ending maze...no words can even describe it, at one point we walked outside to catch a bus that took us to another area where our terminal was then to get to our plane we walked outside and onto the plane.  The flight from Paris to Florence was gorgeous...I have a few pictures of the flight in the slide-show below and more posted on facebook...my eyes where glued to the window the whole flight. 
Once we arrived in Florence, we got our luggage and our apartment info then off to get a taxi. Brittany and I had to get a separate taxi from Jen & Mo because we had too much luggage to fit in one ha, surprise. Once we got in the taxi we tried talking to the taxi driver who just responded with "I don't speak english"....He didn't like my response "you just did" and ignored us the rest of the way.
The taxi drive was the first thing I fell in love with though ...it felt like I was driving...He would speed up real fast just to break and avoid hitting someone....speed up again....turn upbruptly...almost hit a car head on...both cars swerve to the side and avoid each other....speed up...avoid stopping at all costs. While Brit held on for dear life.....I found my calling in life.

We have gone on many adventures since arriving in Florence...I'll post those later...
I'll also post the tour of my apartment soon=] CIAO!

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