I'm Brianna & welcome to
...my little space in the blog world!

I love blogging & do my best to keep up
I hate writing {hence all of the grammatical errors
 & spelling awfulness
 & the lack of using real words that actually exist =p}
so bare with me....!
 I love beautiful things including: 
art, fashion, nature, music, photo's, people, places, and the list goes on.. 
This page is an opportunity to share some of the things in life that I find beautiful as well as to offer a different perspective on things that one might not consider beautiful...
essentially a montage of the beauty that can be found in every life situation.... 
I feel very blessed to have the privilege of partaking in the {messy & imperfect} beauty of life...
I enjoy all things beautiful in this life & look for God's blessings all around me
& and here is where I get to share it!
I like things that are broken & imperfect...
because I am {& we are all} broken & imperfect.
I think there is a beauty that can be found in brokenness...
whether it is people &/or objects.
This also represents the vulnerability I have as I write in this blog...
I might be a broken person but the ability to be open & share that with you is so cool
& I hope be an encouragement to you.
Romans 3:23
Italian translation of the word Love...
I studied abroad in Florence, Italy for four months of my fall semester of school Junior year
& it was the experience of a lifetime & is why I started this blog originally...
I wanted a place to keep friends and family updated on my life oversees.
It served its purpose then but now I'm excited reflect back on memories
& post about all the things I experienced while abroad!
Italy had a huge impact on my life
& on my perspective of life
 & has become a part of who I am...
& I'm honored to get to share that with you!
I also care a lot about people
& love to meet
& befriend people from all over the world
1st Corinthians 13

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