Tuesday, February 21, 2012

 {Tuesday Ten}
 I hope you all had a great weekend!
I enjoyed some great fellowship with friends & learned how to ski!
I actually really enjoyed skiing
 {despite my biased love for snowboarding =P}
What fun did you have this past weekend!?!?

As I continue to update this blog & work on it I really appreciate all of the positive feedback from those of you who have commented or emailed..
Who knew that there could be so much quality love & support via the internet!
So here I go with the top ten thoughts on my mind here on this kinda gloomy Tuesday...
I love blogging & have learned a lot about updated my page etc.. in the last month 
however, I know there is still a lot to learn...
so feel free to help me out with tips, etc..
I'd love some feedback !
O and I have my email set up now so you can contact me at

I miss my siblings...
for those of you who don't know, I am the oldest of 5 kiddos
I love being an older sister
at this point in my life however I feel like I am kind of not needed
I know that is not true but I loved when my siblings where young 
& looked to me for help etc...
this brings me to my # 3...

Speaking of siblings...meet my little sister Maddie 
 {who is not so little anymore}  
She texted me today...{I love it when she does}
She wants to color her hair like this..

Source: google.ca via Maddie on Pinterest
She has such a unique, bold, outspoken personality
 & could SO rock this look
I love how bold she is....