Saturday, August 6, 2011

Co Adventures...

Italy is only 2 (well 12 days to be exact) weeks away... AHH. Crazy! 

So, last week I visited my rooms Chelcie & her cousins in one of my favorite places.. Colorado. We had a few adventures and I checked skydiving off my bucket list =]

 We did yoga, hiked, white water rafting, camped, skydived, kayaked, went to crankworx, and visited the original chipotle (my addiction) as well as pinkberry (another addiction)
My favorite part of the trip of course (besides all the activities) was the mountain views...

I feel so alive every time I visit Co and am constantly in awe of God's creation. The mountains are so pretty and make me feel safe...some people might choose the beach as their "happy place" however I'd choose the mountains > beach any day
Even when it rains it is beautiful and the mountains are so cool
As my eyes try to adjust back to typical Ohio cloudiness weather and my body to the trying to soak up as much as I can here until I leave.
Until next time...
when I have more time to write a longer post..
check out my fb pics including skydiving pics...if you have ever had an ounce of interest in skydiving...I highly suggest you do it ASAP, suck it up and bust it worth it =]

Psalms 19:1-2

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