Thursday, September 15, 2011

Off to Pisa...

Shout out to my momma...Yesterday was her Birthday (hope I don't get in trouble for putting this but she celebrated her big 4-0!) She is quite the beauty =] Love ya

New York senior year for my 19th Birthday
Mothers Day 2011

My going away party she threw before I left for Italy-Aug. 2011

So last Saturday Monique, Brittany, and I decided to go to Pisa for the day to see the leaning tower of course. We left around noon and headed to the train station. We didn't plan anything out...just decided to figure it all out along the way and it was a blast. We got to the Santa Maria Novella train station and waited in line to get our tickets. We bought our tickets (only 12 euro round trip!) and headed to find our train. We looked at all the departures and asked 2 people where to go to catch our train...we talked to a train attendant who was getting ready to depart and he said O you get on this train...we double checked with him and he said yes this train, you need to stamp your ticket and he proceeded to tell us to "go run" hah. So we stamped our ticket and caught our train just in time and after walking through the majority of the train we finally found 3 seats next to each other.
An hour and a half later we arrived in Pisa!
Since we didn't really plan out this trip we where happy to find a map of the city outside of the train station.
Train station on the very bottom...Pisa in the top left corner
 We walked across town stopping at the river for a few pics. As we got closer to where the tower is located we got stopped by an Italian couple that where parking their car. The lady spoke no English and asked us for directions to the leaning tower. We told her to just go straight (event though we had no idea if that was the right way) and continued on our way. A few minutes later we all came to the realization that we AMERICANS just got stopped by ITALIANS asking for directions to the leaning tower of Pisa located in ITALY. HA
Shortly after that we saw in the distance what looked to be a leaning building...Woop woop we made it! American, no map, and no idea if we where going the right way and we managed to find the tower =]

Fun day! I love being able to hop on a train and see a cool city and do it all in a day!

My classes are almost done for this week and I am currently packing for my weekend trip to the Amalfi Coast....
Yeah, we're really roughing it this weekend.
After a couple projects and presentations I am so ready to relax at the beach and hike up Mount Vesuvius!
Next Tuesday I leave for Paris for 6 days!! We have a really busy schedule planned for the week and have so many amazing opportunities while we are there. I can't wait! First a weekend at the beach then Classes on Monday then off to Paris for a week! Love it!

I won't have internet this weekend or while I'm in Paris so I won't be able to keep in touch very well but leave me messages and here is my mailing address...feel free to write/send gifts like cheez-its (hint hint) haha

Brianna Zoldan
c/o KSU florence Program
Palazzo dei cerchi
Vicolo dei Cerci 1
50122 Florence
 Getting mail is seriously the best part of my day sometimes and I would love to hear from everyone! 
Buon fine settimana!!!

Proverbs 18:8
Psalm 101:5 
Psalm 34:13 
Hebrews 3:13 

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