Friday, September 9, 2011

Tempo per un aggiornamento....


I haven't posted in so long=/ and I have so much to post! 
I've been really busy with classes and exploring these last two weeks and it is crazy to think that this is my 3rd week in Florence and I have already done so much! I love all of my classes with the exception of International Business (such a dragggg compared to the other awesome classes) and have been so interested in learning that I feel like a sponge soaking up as much as possible every day. And my mother would be proud, I sat in on a Art History class just because I found it so interesting...I loved it and plan on sitting in as much as possible this semester. I don't think my brain has worked this hard to soak stuff up in well either a long time or never. 
For my Italian Fashion & Culture class we go on site visits every Thursday as part of our class and so far I have visited the Uffizi Gallery and yesterday I toured the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum! Both where pretty amazing.
I also took my first field trip for my European study tour class to Siena last Friday. It was about an hour and a half bus ride and the scenery was so gorgeous on the way there. While in Siena we toured the Duomo Cathedral as well as the government building in the main Piazza. My tour guide was KSUF's art history professor and the amount of information this man knows is impressive. I have never been on a more interesting tour ever before and could actually recall the majority of everything he said. It was pretty sweet =]
For those of you who follow and don't have facebook here are my pictures from Siena...

There is never a dull moment here in Firenze and walking down the street is one of the most interesting of these days i'll have to post pics or a video of roommate Brittany and I laugh almost every time we walk somewhere from the ridiculous things we here and see.
We have met a lot of people and it is so cool to meet people from not only Italy or even Europe but from all over the world. In one night we met girls from California, guys from Australia (love the accents), 3 people from Germany, a girl from Russia, and my fave was a group of guys from Scotland who not only had the best accents but they introduced us to a place called Blob. Blob is an after hours bar/club in a random alley here in Florence. Sounds kinda sketchy eh hah I know but this is where we met a new friend. I was sitting in the entrance when all of the sudden my other roommate Mo starts laughing and pointing into the next room where Brit was up on the platform with headphones on dancing and having a blast with the DJ...
Brit rockin the DJ booth

Naturally we all joined in and ended up staying for a few hours rocking it out that night...Mo and I got to do a little DJing as well. Needless to say, we are now buds with mister DJ and I can't wait to get back up there!
Cutie =]
Life calling #2..
Up on the DJ booth with our new friend !

The weather here has tamed down a little compared to the first week when it was in the 100's everyday! It rained here for the first time last Sunday and was so peaceful. We opened the window and door to our balcony and relaxed to the tranquil sound. There is something exciting to look forward to everyday and I feel so blessed to be here.

Yesterday we went to the Duomo (main cathedral here in Florence that I'll probably refer to a lot) was an anniversary or birthday or something significant and as a result they opened up one of the top balconies to the public to visit for in between classes my roommates and I went and climbed the claustrophobic stairs up to the balcony and took in the gorgeous view of the city... once again for those of you who haven't creeped on my Facebook pics here is another sideshow of that... 

Last night we went to Ponte Vecchio (I forgot I haven't posted anything about this bridge...maybe I'll do a feature post on this bridge because it is not only pretty but interesting too) Anyways...there where some street entertainers and boats floating down the river that where lit up and it was such a romantic and carefree kind of an atmosphere that I love. 
There was the cutest little girl who danced the whole time these two performed...she was loving life as she weaved through the people crossing the bridge to continue dancing. So cute. 

Well this has turned out to be quite a post and a random one at that =] I plan on posting more frequently to avoid the randomness! I have lots to share and am excited to create these posts in some of the coolest places like here in the Piazza della Signoria.....
Where I journal at night...There is always a cool breeze and someone playing music in the background. Love it

  A domani ;-]
Colossians 3:23


  1. jealoussimo...and so proud of your foray into "interesting" classes for which we pay NO tuition!!!

  2. Love it! Keep up the posts and pics rooms.. I'm so happy for you!


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