Thursday, September 29, 2011

Travel Bliss...

It feels good to be back to "normal" life here in Firenze after about a week and half of traveling. 
Last weekend my roomies and I went to the Amalfi Coast located in the Southern part of Italy
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We visited Capri, Positano, and Pompeii

Talk about paradise.
Since I have a lot of projects i'm working on right now for school i'm going to break up my blog posts and do them all day by day for Amalfi and Paris trips...starting with day one in Amalfi on the island of Capri =] 

On day 1..we took a ferry to the Island of Capri and from there we went on a Island boat tour. Around the Island there are various Grottos which are small picturesque caves that are dark and when the sun shines on a specific area it causes the water to turn a bright color of blue or green. We got on smaller boats to go into one of the Grotto's and that was quite the experience. In order to get into the cave my 3 roommates and I had to lay dawn in the little boat while the guide pushed us through the opening. Ha. 

Once inside it is very dark and kind of creepy. It was totally different then what I was expecting and at first I didn't understand what was so great about these Grotto's. Then I caught glimpse of the bright blue color of the water and didn't question anymore. For a small fee (that only tourists pay because we are dumb and think we have to) can jump into the water for a few minutes. So we did, and I have a weird fear of water...if I can't see below me I freak out a I put those thoughts aside and just enjoyed the refreshing water and the amazing view of the Grotto. It was pretty magical after that. ha. 

After the boat tour we explored Capri and (after a very long hike) we visited a public beach and relaxed for a little bit. We found some little cliffs and jumped off of them which was fun...o and not to mention the amazing views of Capri where breathtaking. On the way back we stopped at a free lemoncello tasting (drink that is popular here)..It was okay, i'd take a beer over it anyday =]
We watched the beautiful sunset on the way back to town and it is no wonder celebrities honeymoon, vacation, and live here! 

Here is a little tiny bit of the mass amount of pictures I took in Capri. We where all exhausted after visiting the Island and fell asleep on the ferry ride back..

As most of you roommates and I are officially addicted to's not a casual o we have it here and there thing...NO we have a designated "Nutella time" that happens every night where we get our fruit and anything else there is to eat with nutella and we sit on the balcony and chat about our day which slowly somehow always leads to a conversation about nutella and our addiction to it. Anyways...we made sure when we went on our trips that we where able to get nutella time in so naturally Nutella has gone with us..everywhere....

 It is starting to get bad...Nutella Anonymous (NA) anyone?

Psalm 37:4

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