Sunday, October 9, 2011

Positano & Pompeii...

 Finally updating and here goes the rest of my trip to Amalfi....

We spent our second day in the town Positano...The drive there was cool, we where on a highway (same one they used when filming the sweet scenes in the Fast & Furious movies of the cars zooming around hah) that wrapped the side of the mountains and as we drove I looked down and we where so close to the edge..any wrong move and we would be tumbling down into the ocean. Lovely=] The sun rising was gorgeous and once we arrived we walked down a few hundred stairs to the city. It was  a gorgeous town with postcard worthy views everywhere you looked. We spent the day at a private beach rotating between soaking up the sun and swimming in the clear water ocean. Has the best homemade slushies and gelato & nutella for lunch of course. Can you say best relaxing day ever!

That night we relaxed then explored the town..The view from our room wasn't bad....
Our Room


What we do best

Uhm, 3 weirdos


Brittany & Chris

Katie & Jen

Mo & I

Our last day we visited the city of Pompeii then climbed Mt. Vesuvius. I was really excited for this day because I remembered studying about Mt. Vesuvius and the destruction of the city and people of Pompeii and it was crazy to think that I was actually going to be able to see the city and the volcano that was responsible for such destruction & I've also always been fascinated with archaeology and discovering things from the past. It is amazing not only how much a single volcano destroyed but also the amount of remains that have been found.

Mount Vesuvius
Climbing this volcano was one of the best experiences and views I have ever seen. How cool is it that we are able to climb a volcano and see the crater & an amazing was pretty sweet, I mean besides the fact that the volcano is still active..quite thrilling. No more words need to be said about it...Pictures will have to suffice (I took several hundred so i'll post a few..)...going there of course is the best way to experience it though so I encourage you to go =]

Brit & I where a little hyper on the way to Mt. Vesuvius & as a result we started recording several videos and since then have continued to try to capture some moments here in Italy...I'll start posting some of those soon =]

And that is the conclusion of my Amalfi adventure! Next up is Pariiiiii!

Since getting home from Paris I am now finally caught up on sleep and have had some fun times here in Florence. I've made it a point to explore as much of this city as possible when I'm not busy studying or traveling...I went on a random walk the other day and discovered some cool shops and watched the sun start to set over Ponte pretty. I went on a run with Mo & Brit and we ran down to the river and ran the length of it and it was so cool to be running in such a beautiful place, dodging the people everywhere was not so fun but It made for some entertainment.

The fashion group here went to Como and Milan this past week on Thursday & Friday and we got to see some amazing art galleries and exhibits as well as tour a silk factory and museum. We learned a lot about the production of luxury products and saw some very creative art exhibits. More on those later.
When we got home Friday night it was really cold out & since then it seems the weather has changed all of the sudden and I'm thinking wearing shorts & summer dresses won't be happening anymore. I love fall though, it is my favorite so I don't mind the change.

School has been busy lately and I am still catching up on things but I like the pace of things here. My roommates Mo & Jen are Broadcast Journalism majors at KSU and while they are living here they are doing a project on life here in Florence and make episodes on various topics. They featured apartments in the second episode that just got finished & I was interviewed for it...Below is the link, some of our apartment is in the video as well as our balcony view here so be sure to check it out!
Flashes in Florence

That is all for now. Paris post will be up soon. Miss you all lots <3

Matthew 7:1-11

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