Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So my boyfriend's (John) momma lives in Arizona and we (& our friends Leah & Brandon) got to visit her and explore some of the amazing things that Arizona has to offer!

My 21st Birthday was March 22nd and for Valentines Day (& birthday gift) John got him & I these awesome backpacks for hiking, trips, etc...
I really like mine a lot but he gets so excited about them it's funny =]

We put them to good use for this trip..
Day one Brandon, John, & I 
(poor Leah got mono right before we left so she sat this day out =/)
went for drive on the Apache Trail...
this trail consists of windy, dirt roads, and 3-4 hours of amaaaazing views....

We stopped at a gorgeous lake, ate lunch, went through numerous giant mud puddles...
(John loved speeding through the puddles and getting his mothers white SUV covered in mud as seen in the slideshow....boys-insert eye roll here =P)
I had a weird fascination with all of the cactuses yes cactuses... It took me a day and a half to realize that I was not saying the plural form of cactus the right way ha...cacti. still looks and sounds weird.
Anywho...I had a weird fascination with these pants and all I wanted to do was hug one for some reason. I made John stop along the trail & I did just that...I went up to the biggest cactus and wrapped my arms around it.
The boys took a pic but I don't have it or else i'd share.
Anyways...I promised John that I would share that so there ya go!
Moving right along =]...
we stopped at the roosevelt dam...which i'm pretty sure is the first dam I have ever seen
it is pretty amazing.
We continued on towards the end of the trail & decided we where going to head to the area where you can hike up to some ancient indian ruins..
we pulled in the lot & went inside...the trail closed at 4pm in order to ensure that people at the top had plenty of time to get back down in time for the park to close at 5
we got there at 4:11...
talk about a bummer
As we walked back to car a little disappointed, some men where loading there car and asked if we got there too late to see the ruins...after we replied with a sad yes they began to tell us where the trail ended and that we would probably be able to enter there and go up the back way to the top to see the ruins....
o gosh, John & I looked at each other & I knew we where thinking the same thing..
We are so doing it..
Brandon & John decided they where gonna go ahead and run up the trail...
I was too distracted by the gorgeous view & the cactuses (=] of course) & watched them attempt to run up to the top.
As I got about half way up, they where heading back down...they almost got to the top when they noticed the marshals patroling the ruins & decided that they got far enough & where satisfied enough to go back down the hill & return to the car.
So we've officially illegally ran through a national park.....fun times =]
 After all the excitement of the day, it was nice to go back to John's moms and relax...
for some reason though I got more energy that night & wanted to go do something so we all (including Leah!) went on a little adventure on the Peralta trail...John drove us through the trail and stopped to turn around....we all got out of the car & just gazed at the sky full of stars!
I have only seen the sky look this way at night a couple of times & it is quite a site...it seems as if there is next to no empty space in between stars, so beautiful.
What a perfect way to end Day 1

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