Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life Lately...

3 weeks. Just 3 weeks until the end of Spring 2012 semester..phew!
So much has been going on lately, I am really behind on posts like usual
3 weeks. Just 3 weeks until I can hopefully become more consistent with this... 

Above is a little snapshot of life lately...
lots of homework
beautiful sunny days (except for today)
lots of goofy faces shared between my man & I
{this pic was taken at an Ethiopian restaurant we went to with friends to celebrate the adoption of their 2 Ethiopian boys into their family over the past few years...I love the boys so much & was honored to celebrate with them.
 It was a fun experience & surprisingly I enjoyed the food despite how picky I tend to be.
John had a little harder time accepting the idea of using our hands as our only utensils to eat the food...fun memories forsure!}
Lastly, a picture of my endless piles that are accumulating everywhere in my room...
 I've been re evaluating some things in my life over the past few weeks and realize how many items I purchased over the last few years that where so unnecessary and unfortunately for the most part expensive. 
I've overhauled my closet and am on a selling spree...
It has been a learning experience & at times not an easy one.
 Isn't it crazy how much stuff we accumulate!?!
It's a huge reality check & I am excited to simplify my life & to be smarter with my money.

On another note...my Great Grandad passed away last weekend on good Friday...his funeral was today & unfortunately I was not able to attend. 
I wasn't super close with him mainly due to how far away he lived but I always admired a lot about him. 
Grandad had an inspiring work ethic, so much love for his wife (Gram, who passed away a few years ago), love for his family, he was very smart & a very classy man of God. 
It is sad that he has passed but I am happy he is in a much better place now. 

I recieved the text from my Marmee stating that Grandad passed away at 7:36pm...
exactly 2 hours later at 9:36pm I received another forwarded text that my Uncle Seth sent...
Him & his pregnant wife Nikki where in a good Friday church service when they heard the news of Grandad...30 minutes later, Nikki's (who was due in about a week) water broke & they began to prep to bring a baby boy into the world!!
 Meet Gavin Henry!
What a beautiful baby boy!! 
I have heard stories like this before but it was so crazy to have so many different emotions in one day.
There was death...then there was life.
I can't wait to meet this sweet boy & love on him!
I hope you all had an awesome Easter celebrating Christ's resurrection! 

More updates hopefully soon...here's to busting out these last 3 weeks!

1st Corinthians 15
Ephesians 5:1-2

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