Friday, November 18, 2011

Ciao Ciao Ciao

So as you can see I have changed my blog up a little.....
My original motive for creating a blog was to have a single source that friends and family could go to to get a quick update on my life oversees rather then trying to keep up with constant communication back & forth..because we know how difficult that can be. So far it has worked out great and i'm happy I finally made a blog. Now that the end of this trip is approaching (only 27days left ahh) and my blog creeping & inspiration has gotten to an all time a result I'm in the process of changing the format and intentions of this blog, and at a very slow pace. 
Bare with me, leave me comments, and officially become a follower to my blog is all I ask =] 
Meanwhile...staying true to my original motives I will give a quick update...
Aunt Vanessa visited me last week, we explored Rome and Florence and it was so nice having someone here..especially with Thanksgiving coming up and homesickness settling in. 
We both loved Rome & I loved showing her around my home here in Florence. We also got to go on a tour through what is called the Vasari Corridor located above the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge. It was so cool and since I  have always loved secret passageways etc.. even though it's not exactly 'secret' it was still exciting to do something that very little people get to do. Vanessa and I also went shopping at the San Lorenzo markets which is always entertaining and she got some great gifts to bring home.


Vanessa left early morning on Wednesday and reality settled back in...since then I have been working on the many school assignments and soaking up as much of Florence as possible. This weekend is officially my last full weekend in Florence due to traveling elsewhere the last 3 weeks I'm here. =/
However, tomorrow night I am attending my first football (soccer) game here in Italy!! It is going to be a huge game as it should be with Florence vs. Milan =] I'm very excited...I love soccer (not to mention soccer players...just saying =p) & what better place to see a game!? So excited!
It is crunch time for school work as well as exploring the mean time I will most likely be experimenting with this blog =]
Thank you for all of your support and love, your emails and letters have been so encouraging and I can't wait to see you all again very very soon! 
Home. Ponte Vecchio. Vasari Corridor. Piazza Michelangelo.
Psalm 139 & 143

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