Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In everything give thanks...

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner in the U.S., it has been the topic on my mind the last few days. While I'll be making my way through Ireland this year for the Holiday...friends and family back home will be gathering to celebrate (&indulge) together...I'm a little jealous of this, it will be the first time I am away for this holiday..but that brings me around to my point. Isn't amazing how ungrateful we (myself & people in general) can be despite all of the amazing things we have in our life!? I can't get over how much complaining I have heard from girls on this trip & yes I have participated in it at times but I am constantly stopping myself to put things into perspective. Where we are right now and what we are doing is all on purpose and we should embrace it and be thankful.
I have never been more thankful in my life then while I have been in Italy...I find myself thanking God on a daily basis for things that back in the U.S. I wouldn't think twice about. This holiday I do love but also kind of hate at the same time because it seems like this is the one day that most people stop and decide it is time to be thankful. I have found that when I am in a bad mood, or frustrated...I have to take a second to calm down (go for a walk/run, take a deep breathe etc..) and I instantly make myself think of three things I am thankful for right then and there. Doing this instantly changes my state of mind and I can see a bigger picture instead of focusing on the minor details I am frustrated with. As a result I am a much happier person in general and a way more pleasant person to be around...no one wants to be surrounded by people who complain all the time.
I am thankful for many things & there is not enough time or room to begin to fit it all on this page but from now on in every post until I get back to the U.S. I will include something I am thankful for, here is today's...

I'm off to Ireland tomorrow !!!
Going to tour Dublin, see the P.S. I Love You bridge, visit Doolin, then Cork to see the cliffs, and end back in Dublin. I'm sure there will be many pub visits and amazing scenery...and maybe a future hubbs!? haha kidding-kind of.
Have a safe and happy holiday...
Happy Thanksgiving =]

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